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MODLI's Mission

MODLI’s mission is depicted in the dissemination of cultural awareness among the study of military and civilian students through their study of foreign languages, both during language courses, or translation, interpretation and access to the friendship and international understanding among different peoples to achieve peace which is attained through the following:
  • Highlight the cultural content and style of daily life, customs and traditions of the peoples of foreign languages taught in MODLI.
  • Prepare language teachers, with an Egyptian, Arab, and International culture awareness, who can perform the message well, and able to use the technology in general and in education in particular through high quality programs.
  • Qualify envoys, both officers and noncommissioned officers, through courses in different languages.
  • Qualify foreign officers in different Arabic language courses (General / Specialized / Military)
  • Qualify officers, NCOs, their families, and civilians in different language courses.
Available Courses
Course No. ( 12 )
From 26/10/2019 To 07/12/2019
Registration 12/10/2019 For the ongoing students
19/10/2019 Newcomers ... See more
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