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How To Apply

There are 3 stages to apply for a course in MODLI:-

  • National ID registration
    • Register your ID in the system.
    • pay fees for a placement test.
    • Receive a receipt with your name,payment & the schedule of the test.
  • Placement Test
    • Arrive at the Lab in the scheduled time.
    • Write your personal data on computer.
    • Perform the test to know your level & degree.
    • Go to the waiting Area.
    • See the schedule to determine your needs.
  • Registration
    • Go to the Registration Area in the evening courses branch.
    • Inform the employee with the day, time of the course & the teacher you want to register with.
    • Give the original copy of the required papers to the employee to scan it then determine the fees for every student.
    • Pay the fees & receive a receipt with the time & place of the course.
    • Receive a MODLI card to enter MODLI.
Available Courses
Course No. ( 12 )
From 26/10/2019 To 07/12/2019
Registration 12/10/2019 For the ongoing students
19/10/2019 Newcomers ... See more
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