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At MODLI we offer a wide variety of levels and programs to suite your learning needs. we have numerous options to fit your schedule and your life.
When you arrive at MODLI, you will take a placement test and join a class at an appropriate level.
Learn more about course levels in MODLI :
    Basic level
  • Achieve the full knowledge of the basics of the language.
  • The focus is on this level to teach vocabulary through the presentation of the word and it’s picture.
  • This method relies on understanding the concept of the word through visual perception.
  • Training is to identify the vocabulary for each lesson through a series of video exercises.
  • Achieve a realistic method of teaching with regard to the ear and the eye Cooperate in the process of understanding.
    Intermediate level
  • Build the capacity of the learner to absorb the language and production and the expression of facts (Daily - general - scientific).
  • Create a simulation of reality through real positions.
  • Expression using the body language.
    Advanced level
    The use of multiple language skills to express their opinion and persuasion, and to defend the idea through :
  • Show contemporary life Topics.
  • Use the language of dialogue prevailing.
  • Focus on accuracy and fluency.
Language Courses
  • English language
  • French language
  • German language
  • Spanish language
  • Turkish language
  • Hebrew language
  • Russian language
  • Greek language
  • Italian language
  • Korean language
  • Chinese language
  • Arabic language (for foreigners)
  • Urdu language
Available Courses
Course No. ( 12 )
From 26/10/2019 To 07/12/2019
Registration 12/10/2019 For the ongoing students
19/10/2019 Newcomers ... See more
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