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About Distant Learning

What is Distance Learning?

In light of rapid technological changes and shifts in the methods of education, the educational system faces a challenge regarding the need to provide additional educational opportunities. Therefore, many educational institutions have started working on the development of distance learning programs.
In distance learning, instructions are given with natural distance separating the teacher and the student/students through an educational process, where the use of technology such as voice, audio and video, information, and printed materials, in addition to the communication process, which may be face to face to fill the gap in giving instructions.
These programs provide educational opportunities for destitute people, both in terms of lack of time or distance or physical disability. Additionally, these programs contribute to raising the level of the knowledge base of workers who are in their site.
Available Courses
Course No. ( 4 )
From 14/11/2017 To 21/12/2017
Registration 14/10/2017 For the ongoing students
21/10/2017 Newcomers ... See more
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